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Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver
Are electronic cigarettes damaging my voice
Judgments and the effects of judgment on the voice.
Authentic Voice Verses The Image Voice
Easy Voice Book:


Judgments and their effect on the voice
Vocal grey to Vocal Color
Vocal Grey To Vocal Silver. Easy Voice Book 2
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Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver

I am so delighted to let you all know that my latest 'Easy Voice Book 2' is now available; 'Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver' continues where Voice Book One finished. 

You can pick up this new Voice Book; Easy Voice Book 2:  'Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver' and Easy Voice Book 1: Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Color' at

The books offer a course in Effective Communication with Presentational Skills to Build Confidence in your Personality, Passion and Power.

Are electronic cigarettes damaging my voice

I have been asked recently about the electronic cigarettes people have been smoking as a replacement to tobacco based cigarettes. 

These electronic cigarettes are not good for the voice. They are filled with an ingredient called "propylene glycol, a type of antifreeze." 

Research suggests that when this ingredient is heated it vaporizes. When inhaled this ingredient encourages the vocal folds to become dry which can result in irritation of the whole vocal tract. 

I personally would not recommend these electronic cigarettes especially as there are so many now on the market and insufficient research out there.

Judgments and the effects of judgment on the voice.

The psychology behind the voice can also extend into the accent or the way we speak. As I work with my European students we discuss why it is often so hard for them to put on an American accent. It is not because the student does not know the different sound changes in the accent, but it does have to do with her attitude to Americans in general. Coming from Europe she views Americans as silly, loud and immature. These are her judgments and as a result these judgments block her from taking on the American accent as the accent represents taking on the ‘negative’ qualities that she so dislikes.

Authentic Voice Verses The Image Voice

The voice I will hear in my head is the voice I like to call the voice of my authentic self or my Inner Counselor. It is with me, constantly guiding me, advising me or simply chatting away to me but it is a voice that I know. It is a voice that I'm familiar with. It is the voice that is me! So what is the voice that comes out of my mouth? This voice is the voice I refer to as representative of my image voice. It is the voice I like to present to the world and it complements the image that I have created in order to function in the world. For some that image can be a businessman or an artist, it can be a frail timid woman needing help, or it can be a little child never wanting to grow up. These images become our identity and the voice we develop matches that identity. But what happened to truth?

Easy Voice Book:

Good morning: Over the next twelve weeks I will be offering exercises, thoughts and insights about the voice. Feel free to join me for this vocal journey. Day 1: 

Here are a couple of things to think about: 

How would you describe your voice...nasally, gravelly, high pitched, croaky, monotonous, back on the throat, slow...resonant....think of as many adjectives that describe your vocal sound. What do you like about your voice and what judgments if any, do you have?

Easy Voice Books

Easy Voice Books...Coming Soon on Amazon.

Fifty Shades: From Vocal Grey To Vocal Color:

Fifty Shades: From Vocal Grey To Vocal Silver:

Fifty Shades: From Vocal grey To Vocal Gold;

Fifty Shades: From Vocal Grey To Vocal Platinum;

These books are a compilation of many of the exercises I have used and developed in my vocal practice and classroom experience. It is a completion of twenty-five years of teaching voice and vocal development. The work starts from the influence of other great teachers who have inspired me such as David Carey, Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenberg, Barabara Houseman, Edith Skinner, Joan Melton, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Arthur Lessac and Kristen Linklater to name but a few. Most of these teachers were encountered through my connections and training at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London. As I worked with their exercises my method developed through regular teaching and the inspiration I received from my students. This, combined with my later training in movement, acting, speech, psychology and later a greater experience of life and appreciation of the vocal demands that are placed on each of us in today’s competitive society, is what has formed my teaching. My work stems from the inspiration of all of those great teachers who came before me but has developed into a methodology that I can now call my own. And for that I am grateful.

Easy Voice Book:- Coming Soon

Coming very soon: My new series of Easy Voice Books:-



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